"Architects, in partnership with clients, have the potential to influence the creation of such environments that will foster inspiring architecture that lifts the human spirit for the betterment of humankind. In this sense, a more hopeful future is within our reach, waiting to be built."

-Jonas Salk

Our Guiding Core Values


Inspire—We look to our clients to share their vision for their project with us; we then re-think and re-imagine what is possible. This is our passion and our reward. We add value on every detail to improve the project’s vision, client relationship and desired outcome.

Create—We take great joy in breathing life into your vision. To build and push beyond what is imagined. To create in this way is humbling, powerful and inspiring.

Endure—We believe that design is one of the strongest strategic tools for securing lasting value today. And, more importantly, for tomorrow.


Our Services

A firm with 15 staff members, SRa has in its 20-year history, developed and nurtured a process that to this day, continues to strengthen its architectural and interior design practice in 5 market sectors: Senior Housing, Healthcare, Interior Design, Sports & Wellness and Corporate-Commercial. The firm founding partners lead by the four cornerstones of the firm’s success in investing in its people, leveraging its collective experience, adapting nimbly to changing market demands and staying humble by exuding quiet competence. SRa was recognized in 2018 as one of 100 Best Companies to Work For by Minnesota Business Magazine. It is also a recognized Patriotic Employer by the National Guard and Reserve.



This is our bread and butter. Our architectural services include conceptual and schematic design, design development, construction documentation, assisting with contractor bidding/negotiating and contract administration.


Interior Design

Interior design and architecture work together to create environments where people can be more productive, find comfort, and feel better. The best interior design solutions reflect an organization's culture, goals, and purpose. Our interior design team includes highly qualified professionals who listen to you and design from a client-first perspective as we find the best design results from this collaborative process.



The often overlooked but extremely important aspect of the building process is planning. We’ll work with your local community to effectively navigate the local regulatory approval processes—including zoning, permitting and platting sub-divisions. SRa will also assist and direct on issues pertaining to site analysis, access, parking, circulation, urban design and local development guidelines. 

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Leadership Team

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Director of Interiors

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Project Coordinator

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Project Coordinator

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Director of Corporate-Commercial

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Project Architect

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Consulting Architect

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Director of Operations

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Interior Designer

Annie Sperides

Marketing Specialist

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Director of Health Care

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Project Coordinator

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Office Manager

Open Positions

There are currently no available opportunities. However, we’re always on the lookout for great, qualified people to add to our team. Submit your resume below and we’ll be in touch if a position becomes available.


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